Personalized for the way you live

YOU don't live like a family of 4 with kids in the suburbs! so we asked ourselves why all homes were designed the exact same way?


Our KANSO design process

Kanso (簡素) is a design principle We embrace in all our student homes - To ACHIEVe clarity through the elimination of clutter. 

The resident journey: We wanted to understand how you move and use your home.

where do you spend time?

what do you do?

what don't you do?


What a waste of space

~40% of the space in the average apartment gets used <10% of the time when home

kitchens and over-sized bathrooms are under-used, but living rooms and bedrooms are over-used

So we redesigned the space


De-cluttering the useful space

most of the furnishings we've come across are bulky and old - either as a hand-me-down or giving 'fully-furnished' a bad reputation

Why should bulky furniture take up all of the useful space?

We carefully curated clean, Stylish, modern pieces to accentuate your spaces


Adding a touch of style

Darkness. old carpets. oder.

That's what we see (or smell) in most of the homes we visited.

it doesn't take much to fix, it just takes a bit of love and a color pallet that adds life to the space.

light. clean. freshness. 


Understated, useful technology

We know connectivity matters.

but we also know that if technology is done right, it seamlessly blends in with your life and how you use it.

we have taken the 'smart home' and created the 'smart student'

Everything you need.

Nothing you don't.